Robot Control

Here's an oldie but a goodie.  Since 2010 I've been making the videos and product pictures for CAS Data Loggers out of Chesterland, OH.  It's always fun to get to check out these amazing data machines in action, much like this 2012 ADwin Gold pendulum arm demonstration.  Kind of gives you the chills when you think about how only a few years from now, robots all over the world will have even more powerful sensors and response mechanisms.

Hot Minute with Hot Chicken

Here is one of a long series of videos that I shot and edited highlighting some of the employees, customers, and community partners of the award winning Columbus based Hot Chicken Takeover restaurant.  In this video we talk to Mikey of Mikey's Late Night Slice, another Columbus local restaurant force, released shortly before the collaboration between the two.

Spring Blossom

Here I filmed a time lapse video of the sex organs of an Amaryllis (its flower) in bloom over the course of a week.  I shot it on my Canon 7D using a timed shutter release of 8 minutes per frame.  I love how we can use technology to see motion where otherwise we would see none.  This shows that plants and other natural processes happen just the same as things on our time scale, only at their own pace.  Perhaps we can start to see our own reality not as the best or only way of viewing the world, but rather one on a wide spectrum of different ways to experience the cosmos.