Bradley Williams is often the first call I make when I need to hire a talented editor/shooter/producer for a video/TV/film project. He's 100% reliable and a real professional.  Bradley also great with clients and good under the pressure of a tough deadline.  I highly recommend him.

Peter Fitzpatrick
Executive Producer
RippleKey - Creative Media & Productions



"Brad quickly became a key part of the Pursuit family when we began working together on video projects back in 2016. We have worked closely on dozens of video projects since then and we have always enjoyed the process and loved the results. We can come to Brad with a rough concept, we can bounce ideas for a few days about executing it, and then he brings it to life. Because he is so dialed into what we are about as a company I know that the work with always be in line with who we are and when he's in the room filming it always feels natural because he's a part of the team. After shooting he typically he brings me a first edit that is very close to my vision and within a second edit it's ready to release. It's that easy because he is so thoughtful and has taken the time to get to know our company and our values. We love working with Brad!"

Nate DeMars
Owner - Pursuit



Dance Reel

I would rate Bradley Williams 5 stars!!! Easy to talk to, great to work with, fast and reliable! I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for videography work. I also look forward to working with him on future projects!!! A+

Robin W.
Columbus, Ohio