Trampled by Turtles: In Pursuit

I and my team had a wonderful time hanging out in the Pursuit store, sipping on cold beer while talking with the super down-to-earth guys from Trampled by Turtles.  It was an in store concert event put on by Nate DeMars of Pursuit, one of several in the past and many more to come.  Community members and friends were invited to come in and enjoy a free performance by these Minnesota bluegrass musicians after they got fitted for new suits.  Enjoy!  Pursuit yourself!

Hot Minute with Hot Chicken

Here is one of a long series of videos that I shot and edited highlighting some of the employees, customers, and community partners of the award winning Columbus based Hot Chicken Takeover restaurant.  In this video we talk to Mikey of Mikey's Late Night Slice, another Columbus local restaurant force, released shortly before the collaboration between the two.