Danielle Miranda - My Life Matters

Danielle Miranda is an amazing athlete and I’m so lucky that the universe brought us together. Her positivity shines through her physical presence and infuses all of our projects with magic. Can’t wait to get our next video in the camera next month! (Oh, and she’s vegan and she has ALL the systems and gear and nutrition things on lock.)

Hot Chicken Takeover Turns Five

So happy to be working with HCT again as they turn 5 and actually start to take over (Ohio at least). These guys turned 5 and celebrated by giving out puddings in the neighborhood where they started out as a pop-up, had %50 off in their restaurants, and fed lunch to many of their community partners like Tonic, KYC, The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, Roll, Dress for Success, and CCRC.

ALTR Brand Story

Malori is the founder and lead designer with ALTR Design Company and it was great to get to work with her. It was a treat to get a glimpse into her life with her daughter and her partner, as well as show her in her natural elements in the natural elements. Can’t wait to make their next video.

Pursuit: You Are Who We Are

“The Pursuit story is a collection of thousands of your stories. We're thrilled to tell our story through some of the faces and places who make us who we are.” So much fun meeting all of the people that have helped make Pursuit what it is today. Check out the video on their site to get the backstory of each of these shots: https://www.pursuityourself.com/you-are-who-we-are/

Wild Origins

I love making videos at home. This video was made for my partner’s company Wild Origins. It’s a simple video showing a step by step guide to rolling an herbal smoke using her smoking blend. Also always a pleasure to work with Drew Johnson . He’s such a good person.

The Pursuit Story

This one has been in the works for almost a year.  So glad to be working with these great, well dressed, people on their videos.  Also so glad that they partnered with Correy Parks on the music.  Local talent.  https://soundcloud.com/correyparks

Shaggy Mane Mushroom Time Lapse

The Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus), also occasionally known as the Lawyers Wig, is a distinctive and easy to recognize mushroom. It's size, shape, and tendency to grow in tight groups make it easy to spot even from considerable distance. Shaggy Mane has an elongated bullet shaped, shaggy cap, with brownish upturned scales and a straight fairly smooth stem. Edibility: Choice. Shot with Canon 7D using remote shutter release shot at 1 frame every 30 seconds.

Amanda and Aaron's Wedding Highlights

These guys got married to the music from Game of Thrones and Star Wars, rolled around in a white stretch limo, and threw a hell of a reception.  Thanks to Amanda and Aaron, Herk and Sandy, for including all of us in celebrating your love and marriage.

Dress For Success and HCT

Dress for Success teamed up with Hot Chicken Takeover to dress some of the HCT team for the next steps in their lives.  DFS believes that looking good and feeling good go a long way towards empowerment and the self confidence needed to succeed and move forward with big decisions in your life, and HCT wants to be there for their employees every step of their journey.